3 Ways Therapeutic Exercise Can Help Eliminate Pain

At some point we all experience some forms of aches and pains.  These types of aches and pains can be managed by a variety of common methods.  Unfortunately, it is also common to have chronic pains or even severe pains. These pains can be the result of many different factors; anything from an old injury to bad posture.  Therapeutic exercises, which are part of a Physical Therapy plan, can be a great resource for eliminating pain for more serious causes of pain. This can be anything from a major surgery to even recovering from a stroke.  Below are three ways that therapeutic exercises can help eliminate pain.


Stretching in the proper manner is a great way to eliminate pain.  When our muscles are tight, our range of motion and blood flow can become constricted and this can cause pain and inflammation.  Stretching the muscles, especially slow gentle stretches, can help release that blood flow and ease the pain. Without proper guidance, we might not know exactly what muscles to stretch, and for how long or what method of stretching to use.  Everyone’s situation is different and it is important to seek professional help to ensure you are stretching correctly.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises should be a part of any therapeutic exercise plan.  Having muscles and joints that are healthy and strong will help eliminate and could even prevent pain.  Doing a series of strengthening exercises can restore balance and stability as well. When our muscles are activated in a way that increases strength, we feel better and are able to do more things.  Being able to move with more easy can help eliminate pain. 


Endurance building exercises can also help reduce pain in the body.  When we are tired and fatigued our muscles and joints are more prone to inflammation which can cause pain.  Having a greater endurance will help make our daily routine easier and more enjoyable – and hopefully pain free.  Endurance training will probably come towards the end of your therapeutic exercise plan, but it is very important and something that should be taken serious and continued for a long time.  Ask your therapist for recommendations on movements and exercises that are fun or can be done with a group or trainer so have some motivation to do them for a long time.

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