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At CareWell Physical Therapy, we engage in a collaborative approach, where we work to restore you to your highest potential. Our primary mission is to provide you effective and high-quality physical therapy treatment. We specialize in treating orthopedic and neurological conditions for patients of all ages.

We can help you

Manage Pain

Prevent Falls

Relieve Vertigo

Retain Balance

Increase Flexibility

Improve Posture

Regain Mobility

Build Strength

“After compensating for a bad hip for years, my posture was awful, my lower back ruined, I had a total hip replacement at the age of 37. Dipti helped me regain my strength, corrected my posture, and even helped my lower back! I had been to physical therapy for my back before, and in three months Dipti did more for my whole body after major surgery than another clinic did in a year.”

— Francesca M


Our physical therapy practice is dedicated to offering the highest standard of rehabilitative services for the community. Through our commitment to individualized service, we create a comprehensive treatment plan for each of our patients.


Our expertise as a physical therapy specialist gives patients the confidence, comfort, and assurance that they are in the best of hands. We provide exceptional rehabilitative care by staying abreast of recent developments in the field.


It is our belief that the best way to optimal health is to be proactive and attentive to your well-being. We are always accepting new patients and welcome you to come and visit our office. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and take an important step to becoming a healthier you!

Commonly Treated Conditions


Joint Replacement

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Muscular Pain




Joint Pain

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy covers a range of services designed to help patients recover, prevent or maintain their proper physical health.


Myofascial release is a type of hands on therapy designed to release tension in the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.


Therapeutic massage manually manipulates the muscles to bring about relaxation, to reduce pain and increase circulation and is a natural way to treat muscle pain.

Womens Health Services

Women's Health

Our Women’s Health Program is dedicated to helping women recover from pelvic injuries or dysfunction that can arise from a myriad of causes.

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