Considering Compression Stockings

Considering Compression Stockings? Here are the basics.

Compression stockings have become more and more popular in the last couple of years. They are readily available and come in all shapes, sizes and some are even stylish. Each of these come with their own price tag; they can range from ten dollars to well over a hundred. Typically compression stockings are worn after surgery, or during physical therapy or for people at risk for blood clots in the legs. There are now many people who wear compression stockings for comfort and to reduce and or even prevent leg pain. Some compression stockings can help relieve leg pain associated with pregnancy, circulatory problems and those who are on their feet or sitting for long periods of time during the day. Athletes such as marathon runners and even frequent travelers on long flights have adopted them as part of their routines.

How do Compression Stocking work?

Very simply, compression stockings help increase the blood flow from the feet back to the heart. Even in healthy people, the heart has to work extra hard to get the blood to flow back to the heart since they are the furthest away. Any circulation problems or lack of movement makes the heart have to work even harder. This is most common in situations where a person cannot move such as after a surgery or in prolonged bed rest. The compression stockings add enough pressure to improve the flow of lymph through the tissue making it easier for the blood to flow back to the heart. This is also known as compression therapy. This can greatly reduce leg swelling, achiness, and leg fatigue.

How to buy Compression Stockings?

First of all, if you are considering compression stockings because of an illness or medical issue it is important to consult your doctor or medical professional before making a purchase. There are a variety of stockings with different amounts of pressure and it is important to get the ones that best suit your needs. It is also important to consider any skin irritations or disorders on the skin that could be further inflamed by the stockings. Your medical professional will be able to guide you to the proper stockings along with specific guidelines as to how often to wear them. If you are looking into buying compression stockings for recreation or non-medical usage then the most important thing to consider is your comfort. You don’t want them to be too tight. It is important that they are the right length. You don’t want to have to roll them down. When they are overlapped they will often times become too tight and cut off circulation. It is important to avoid this whenever possible and check with your medical provider before wearing them for an extended period of time.

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