Myofascial Release

Heal Your Pain… Naturally

Myofascial Release is a type of hands-on therapy designed to release tension in the muscles and fascia across the body. This is done by applying gentle and sustained pressure by hand or with specific tools to engage the interconnected parts of the muscles and fascia to alleviate pain.

The fascia is a connective tissue that covers and supports all of your body’s structures including muscles, bones, and nerves.

When the fascia is damaged, it becomes tight and produces pressure on these structures causing pain and restricted flexibility. Damage can be caused by trauma or inflammatory responses and often does not show up on standard medical tests like x-rays leaving people incorrectly diagnosed.

Other Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy covers a range of services designed to help patients recover, prevent or maintain their proper physical health.


Therapeutic massage manually manipulates the muscles to bring about relaxation, to reduce pain and increase circulation and is a natural way to treat muscle pain.

Discussing Women's Health

Women's Health

Our Women’s Health Program is dedicated to helping women recover from pelvic injuries or dysfunction that can arise from a myriad of causes.

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