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At Carewell Physical Therapy, we believe in empowering you to reach your fitness goals through a comprehensive and personalized approach. Our small group fitness program is designed to provide you with the attention and customization you need, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to take your training to the next level.

Our Services Include

At Carewell Personal Training, we are dedicated to providing you with a supportive and effective fitness experience. Join our small group fitness program today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!
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Experience the ultimate in personalized fitness with our private sessions. Train in a fully equipped private suite where our expert trainers focus solely on your unique needs, abilities, and goals.

Enjoy the benefits of group motivation and camaraderie with our semi-private training sessions. With 2-4 people per group, you’ll receive individualized attention while working alongside others, creating a supportive and motivating environment.
Every workout is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or improved overall health, our trainers design programs that align with your personal objectives.
Stay on track with regular assessments and goal-setting sessions. We monitor your progress and adjust your program as needed to ensure you’re continually moving towards your goals.
Achieve comprehensive health and fitness with our nutrition and cardiovascular guidance. Our experts provide you with personalized plans to fuel your body and enhance your cardiovascular health.
Transform your lifestyle with our behavior coaching and habit tracking services. We help you build sustainable habits that support your long-term health and wellness.
Cultivate a positive and resilient mindset with our coaching services. Learn techniques to stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and maintain a positive outlook on your fitness journey.

Commonly Asked Questions

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What is the difference between private and semi-private training?

Private training involves one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, providing individualized attention and a fully customized workout experience. Semi-private training includes small groups of 2-4 people, allowing for personalized workouts within a supportive group setting.

How are workouts customized for each individual?
Our trainers conduct initial assessments to understand your fitness level, goals, and any specific needs or limitations. Based on this information, they design a workout plan tailored to help you achieve your objectives while ensuring safety and effectiveness.
Do I need to have a specific fitness level to join the group fitness program?
No, our group fitness program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, our trainers will customize workouts to match your abilities and help you progress at your own pace.
What should I bring to my training sessions?
Wear comfortable workout clothing and bring a water bottle, towel, and any personal items you might need. If you have any specific equipment recommended by your trainer, be sure to bring that as well.
Is there a cancellation policy for training sessions?
Yes, we have a cancellation policy in place to ensure that all clients receive the best possible service. Please contact the office prior to 8pm the day before your scheduled session. For more details, please refer to our cancellation policy on the website or contact us directly.
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