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Carewell Physical Therapy Clinic’s Women’s Health Program is dedicated to helping women recover from pelvic injuries or dysfunction that can arise from a myriad of causes. Pain and other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction can hinder your daily life and may prevent you from doing some of the activities you love. Pelvic health can be critical to your lifestyle, confidence, comfort, and intimate relationships.

If you suffer from one of the following, or any other disorders of the pelvic floor, we can help you using safe and effective treatments:

    • Bladder incontinence
    • Bowel incontinence
    • Uterine prolapse
    • Rectal prolapse
    • Pre-natal preparation
    • Post-partum pain or rehabilitation
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Painful intercourse
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction
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Pelvic floor dysfunction can arise from pregnancy, scar tissue restrictions (following surgeries of back, abdomen, hip, pelvis), hormonal fluctuations, poor bowel or bladder habits, chronic constipation, chronic lower back or hip pain, tailbone injury, pelvic organ prolapse, and some cancer treatments. It’s never too early or too late for pelvic floor therapy, also known as pelvic floor rehabilitation. We know that pelvic floor dysfunction is a deeply personal issue, and at Carewell Physical Therapy, we always use the utmost discretion to protect your privacy.

Goals: Your personalized pelvic floor treatment may include improving the following affected areas:​

    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Endurance
    • Motor Control
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Dipti’s gentle, healing hands work to release muscles that are tight and painful and strengthen muscles that are weak. In addition, patient education will help empower each patient in their self-care and during their rehabilitation process.

Treatments / Interventions Offered:

Your treatment will be developed especially for you after a complete assessment of your needs.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy improves blood flow to the affected muscles and helps those muscles to stretch and relax.

Pelvic Floor Therapeutic Exercises

Helps you improve and maintain strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility of pelvic floor, other core muscles, and hip muscles.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (ESTIM)

Helps people who have experienced an injury, and for people dealing with pain, spasms, or muscle weakness.


Biofeedback therapy builds on physical therapy by incorporating the use of equipment to record or amplify activities of the body and painlessly feed the information back to the patients.

Dry Needling

Also known as trigger point dry needling, can be an effective treatment for pelvic dysfunction and can minimize pain and improve or regulate structural or functional damage.

“You’ll receive personalized care from a therapist who’s clearly passionate about helping her patients be well again.”

- Kathy P.

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Why Choose CareWell?

Owner Dipti Shah has been specially trained in Pelvic Floor physical therapy. She has received specialized training on pelvic anatomy and symptoms and treatment associated with the pelvis, abdomen, hip, and lower back.

Her philosophy is to focus on one patient at a time. Dipti provides one-on-one patient interactions, in a private treatment room, to provide confidential treatments based on the latest research and techniques. Each treatment is individually designed with a focus on improving quality of life.

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In December 2021, after a double mastectomy and breast cancer treatment, “I” experienced severe urinary urgency and incontinence, which prevented her from sleeping well. Only in her 40’s, she felt housebound and was concerned about her future ability to enjoy life. Her doctor recommended pelvic floor therapy.

“I didn’t think it was going to work,” she says. However, after two sessions, ”I” noticed a difference. Eleven appointments later, she notes that her control is much improved, and she can now manage her urges and stop her urine stream. “I” reports that she is “90% improved – I feel 15 again!”, she smiles. We’re glad that this case has a happy result due to her consistent dedication to her therapy and the exercises prescribed by Dipti at Carewell. smile

Other Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy covers a range of services designed to help patients recover, prevent or maintain their proper physical health.


Therapeutic massage manually manipulates the muscles to bring about relaxation, to reduce pain and increase circulation and is a natural way to treat muscle pain.

cross hand technique of myofascial release


Myofascial release is a type of hands on therapy designed to release tension in the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.

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