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Our patients are the most important thing to us at CareWell and we think it shows. Hear and see what our patients are saying about their experience at CareWell Physical Therapy.

What our patients say

Nidhi’s Experience (TMJ)

Sean’s Experience (Labral Repair)

Holly’s Experience (Knee Replacement)

Marie’s Experience (Knee Replacement)

“Care Well PT offers a relaxed, caring environment with great people!”

— Laurie L

If I have to summarize my experience in two words, I will have to say, they “Cared Well.” The personal attention given in a group setting, gently pushing us to do more and still keeping the environment fun and exercises personal was truly a blissful experience. My leadership mantra for TEAM has always been “Together Everyone Achieved More” and yet again the mantra was proven in a non-management setting. Great job, CareWell PT Team.

— Sriram R

“You’ll receive personalized care from a therapist who’s clearly passionate about helping her patients be well again.”

— Kathy P

“Dr. Dipti is a healer. She creates a positive, calming vibe in her office and is very knowledgeable about what she does. The space is clean and well organized with 3 private rooms and a common room with exercise equipment. Appointments are easy to make and all the staff are super friendly!

I’d recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy in this area!”

— Emily H

“This is a caring environment that works well to take care of you. In my case, it is pain and joint movement. They provide a calm and supportive environment where the philosophy is patient care first. The office makes everyone feel like a family and it is fun to go there, even if you are working to push the joints a bit more to get to a normal and better place. Dipti is wonderful as is the staff. You leave feeling better and happier. If Dipti says to do it, then I will try very hard to do it because I know it is in my best interest. Such is my trust in her and the office.”

— Skip P

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