TMJ Case Study

Nidhi’s story is unique. On March 1, 2021, she began to have dull ear pain. Her primary care doctor incorrectly diagnosed her with an ear infection and prescribed her two separate forms of antibiotics, neither of which helped to alleviate the pain.

Nidhi then went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, who found no issues with her ear and prescribed her aspirin to alleviate the pain. When the pain did not go away, he performed a nasal endoscopy where he found slight inflammation and prescribed her with prednisone. After Nidhi returned saying that her pain was not gone, the ENT doctor suggested a CT scan of the neck to see if TMJ was the issue here.

Nidhi then went to a dentist who falsely claimed to be a TMJ specialist. This dentist performed a Botox procedure, paralyzing a portion of Nidhi’s face muscles, and Nidhi is still working to gain movement of those muscles back.

In a final effort to alleviate her pain, Nidhi saw an oral surgeon. It was at this visit that the oral surgeon suggested Nidhi tries physical therapy. After a quick google search, Nidhi found CareWell Physical Therapy Clinic where she began to see Dipti. Nidhi says she already notices a difference in her pain levels, even after her first three times seeing Dipti. Nidhi says, “Dipti is so kind, she always warns me about discomfort, and she does just the right amount of therapy so that I am not in pain.”

Nidhi is originally from New Jersey, and is staying in Massachusetts while studying. It was important to Nidhi to find someone who specializes in treatment of TMJ issues, and that is when she found CareWell Physical Therapy.

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